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Link Building Mistakes for 2019

Link building is a search engine optimization (SEO) tactic used by website owners to prove that their site is worthy of citation and higher Google rankings. If done so correctly, embracing this tactic will see you drive your site’s referral traffic and it will increase your authority on the web like nothing else.

When you decide to give link building a go, it’s imperative that you do not do so on a whim.

 One bad link and your site’s reputation could be ruined in the flash of an eye. Be sure to avoid the mistakes listed below if you want to garner some success when it comes to link building.

Linking to sites that have an awful reputation

If you want to signal the fact that your website is an online resource that can be trusted, you need to resolve to build some backlinks that can, too, be trusted. As soon as you link to them, the external sites that you connect with will become associated with you and your brand.

Choosing them wisely, then, is a must.At all costs, you need to avoid linking with websites that come with an awful reputation. These sites include:

Spam sites
Duplicate content sites

Sites that sell illegal products or services

Sites full of sexual content

Gambling sites

By allowing yourself to become associated with these kinds of websites, it’s not just your reputation with your users that will take a hit. Search engines will steer clear of you, as well, meaning you won’t stand a chance of reaching that top page on Google.

Buying/selling links

Buying/selling links, as tempting as it may be, is not something you should be doing in 2019. By going down this route, you could very well find your site banned from search engines altogether. 

This is because SEs are against it — Google has gone as far as to declare it as spam.Instead of buying/selling links, build them naturally. 

It may demand more time, effort, and resources from you, but it will allow you to gain favor with search engines and, ultimately, rank higher upon them. 

One way to build your links naturally is to embrace guest blogging. Creating copy that is full of backlinks to your site will allow you to convert more leads without upsetting the likes of Google and Bing.

Forgetting to incorporate your target keyword in the anchor

The anchor text that you choose as your backlink is of the utmost importance. 

To the point, your targeted keyword needs to be incorporated into it in some form or fashion, as this will help you to rank higher in search engines when queries are made in your specific market. You should, then, avoid generic anchor texts such as ‘click here’ or ‘check this out.’ Instead, resolve to put more thought into your future anchor texts, ensuring that whatever you pick is relevant to your website and its target market.

By Madison on 12 May 2019