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More Americans are becoming webmasters

Americans simply love being online. Whether it’s browsing social media or shopping for special occasions, US residents have never had more access to whim satisfaction. Although China has a significantly higher population, the US has more than double the number of websites. Of the top one million sites, the US hosts a massive 43%, and China isn’t even in second place (surprisingly, Germany ranks second for most websites hosted). US citizens and entrepreneurs are the clear world leaders of the digital space, and the stats back that up. Comparison with other countries clearly shows that Americans have become the dominant webmasters, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

Who Compares to the US?

The closest competitor to US website hosting dominance is not a single country, but a collection of them. Europe comes in second place when it comes to the number of hosted websites, but even bundling every European country together, the US still comes out on top. However, what’s interesting is that if you combine both the US and Europe figures for web hosting, you account for a massive 75% of global website hosting. That’s a considerable portion of online real estate that sees China pale in comparison.

US Web Hosts

If the US has the most hosted websites, then the companies that provide that hosting are inevitably going to be big names. GoDaddy has been the market leader for hosting for the last twenty years, and that dominance continues even now. However, platforms like Hostgator, Namecheap, and even Wix, are managing high numbers of websites as well. The closest non-US competitors is 1&1, which only hosts websites in Europe. The UK ranks fourth in the world for the number of hosted websites, which is surprising considering how much smaller it is when compared to both the US and China.

Americans Being Online

Part of the reason why Americans are taking over the internet is down to how much time they spend online. It’s a lot of hours. Incredibly, 26% of Americans have said that they are online almost constantly, but even taking that as an extreme, even 77% will go online at least once a day. Only 11% of American adults have said that they don’t use the internet!

Age Differences of Americans online

The younger generations are (unsurprisingly) the demographic that is driving the US online dominance of the internet. From the growing use of the smartphone to get online and browse, purchase, or manage their web services, around four-in-ten of the 18-29 age group say that they use their devices to get connected. However, older users aren’t too far behind. The age group of 30-year olds to 49-year olds is steadily rising, and 36% of this demographic have said that they check online anywhere between once a day and continuously.

The stats speak for themselves. Americans spend more time online and in greater numbers than any other country. No matter their age, US citizens are taking over the digital space, and they are buying, selling, browsing, and hosting their own small (and large) parcels of the internet.

By Madison on 07 May 2019